Trenchless Technology Curing and VibrationMeasuring Equipment

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We have developed a Curing System for Trenchless Pipe Repair Technologies

Our experience working with POLINVENT Ltd. (HUNGARY). specialists in Trenchless Technologies has given us the experience to develop a fast and efficient curing system for the resins used in repairing pipes. Our UV LED Packer Technology can be used for no dig pipe repair such as waste water pipe repair.

Have a look at our UVLED Packer Technology to cure pipe repairs in place.......

We have developed a family of Vibration Measuring Equipment.

We have available a family of economical and precise Vibration Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment to help in your Predictive Maintenance Program. Using Vibration Measuring Equipment to monitor your equipment can help to identify problems arising with your motors, generators, etc., allowing for the opportunity to do Corrective Maintenance.

Our family of Vibration and Diagnostic Equipment is designed to be user friendly and economical. Have a look at our Vibration Measuring Instruments.