About the Company and its Specialty Measuring Equipment

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BOTA Janos Laszlo e.v. - dipl. MSc. electrical engineer - entrepreneur

János Bota and his company BotaInnovation

In 1977 I started working at the Nuclear Energy Research Institute of the Central Physical Research Institute in Budapest. This is how I became a Nuclear Engineer in Nuclear Automation. I worked as an operator at the former ZR-4 and ZR-6 research nuclear reactors of the former CMEA, from this experience I continued designing and constructing automated nuclear systems and metrological equipment.

I participated in the design of different instruments used for technical and automation support of several foreign, small power nuclear reactors. For example, instruments used by "Tajura" nuclear reactor in Libya, or used by CC-1 nuclear reactor at the "La Quebrada" research centre in Cuba.

My research activity also covered non-nuclear topics as well, where I was able to take advantage of my experience in measurements and automation of more than two decades.

I stopped working at Nuclear Energy Research Institute in 1990 and started working with PSION UK Ltd. in Budapest responsible for development and technical support. Meanwhile I established my own company in 1991. This company specializes in the design and production of different measuring equipment, including portable ones based on microprocessor data collectors.

We undertake the production of uniquely designed and constructed industrial equipment that are compatible with PCs or PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLERs (PLC) for both local and international companies. We are able to take the lead in projects designing measuring equipment, where we do the complete technical design and construction of the equipment which can then be used by the end user as per their specifications..

We are able to prepare technical reports regarding other instruments and we can also offer our assistance in various fields of process control and measuring. Several years of experience in physics gives us a strong background to develop and understand individual requirements for different types of equipment. (e.g. vibration diagnostics, vibration measuring, UV LED application technology).

Currently our new activities are in two fields. They are practical applications of UV LED technology ( UV LED Packer Suystem) and mechanical vibration noise analyses. For both we are able to develop uniquely designed instruments. We are able to deliver anywhere from one unit to any number of units depending on the client’s requests.

We also cooperate with some well-known companies for different technical research projects and productions. Our detailed partner list can be found under references.